About the Digital Sexuality Archive

You know the feeling: it's time to start working on that history research paper and you don't even know where to begin looking for primary sources. You do a quick Google search, and no results. Or worse -- you get so many results, you can't tell what is useful and what is not. How do you even begin digging through it all? 

Boxes and boxes

The Digital Sexuality Archive is a gateway to a plethora of digital resources concerning the history of sex and sexuality. Use DIG Sex to locate digital archives and collections that contain primary sources for your research project. You can search by subject, place, time period, type of collection, and more. Scroll down through each item's content to find the URL that will take you to the digital archive or collection that contains materials relevant to your search. 

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The Digital Sexuality Archive has been compiled by Professor Carolyn Herbst Lewis and Helen Eckhard, with funding from the Digital Bridges for Humanistic Inquiry: A Grinnell/University of Iowa Partnership, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 

Did you find material that you think should be included in the Digital Sexuality Archive? Submit the relevant information via this Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/GqIOEdBOphaQIaml2

Have questions about DIG Sex? Contact Professor Carolyn Herbst Lewis: lewiscar@grinnell.edu  


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